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Thin hair in and of itself isn’t a problem. But the hair products you’re using might be. Chemicals found in many styling gels and hair oils strip your hair of moisture, leaving it dry, thin and damaged. Enter Mr. Coté’s matte clay, styling pomade and thickening spray, specially developed to make thin hair fuller and healthier.

Strong hold - matte finish Clay for thin hair

Matte-finish styling clay that holds firm while looking all-natural.


Medium hold - satin shine Pomade for thin hair

Satin shine pomade, with a pliable hold that rinses out with just water.


Boosts volume & texture Thickening salt spray

Alcohol-free sea salt spray that boosts the hair, giving it texture and volume.


About Mr. Coté Meet Vincent

I’m Vincent Coté, founder of Mr. Coté - experts in men’s grooming products. At the age of 14, I developed a passion for men’s hair care and barbering. I wanted better hair but I couldn’t find products that met my needs. The stuff that was out there wasn’t designed for thin hair and didn’t hold my style in place. So I took matters into my own hands and started researching how to create my own hair products from scratch. Fast-forward several years, and the Mr. Coté brand was born, focusing on natural ingredients, memorable fragrances and sustainable packaging. And all this tailored to men with thinner hair...

Problem Bad ingredients that damage your hair

Typically, gels and pomades contain alcohol and polymers, while hair oils involve the use of silicone. This might not sound that bad, until you discover that these ingredients literally suck the life out of your hair - leaving it dry, thin and brittle. Exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve by using them.

Solution Make way for thin hair repair products

Mr. Coté’s products are specially designed for men with thin hair, meaning they’re packed full of nourishing, natural ingredients that promote healthy hair instead of damaging it. Plus, our products come in sustainable plastic packaging. Better for your hair, better for the environment.

What do people have to say? Customer reviews

Ordered the Paste For Thin Hair

As a woman - of a vain man, I can only praise 😉 Just in front of the mirror in the morning and he can use it all day! And it smells good, too.

Ordered the Clay For Thin Hair

I am normally not one for luxury products, but this is great, smells good and works great! Also scored points with my girlfriend!

Ordered the Clay For Thin Hair

Super satisfied!

Ordered the Paste For Thin Hair

I use the Paste for thin hair for a messy out-of-bed look and it does that very well. It smells absolutely great, it rinses out quite well with just water and is also removed easily from hands after applying. All in all great product that I would recommend.

Ordered the Paste For Thin Hair

good product.

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Mr. Coté Specially designed for men with thin hair

~ Vincent Coté