Our story About us

Hey there! I’m Vincent Coté, founder of Mr. Coté - experts in men’s grooming products. At the age of 14, I developed a passion for men’s hair care and barbering. I wanted better hair but I couldn’t find products that met my needs. The stuff that was out there wasn’t designed for thin hair and didn’t hold my style in place. So I took matters into my own hands and started researching how to create my own hair products from scratch.

I spent countless hours in the kitchen melting different waxes and oils together, learning how high-quality, natural hair products were made. That passion grew over the years, and when I was 17 I launched my first men’s hair product: a high-hold, oil-based pomade. Since then, what started as a hobby has turned into a business, with multiple products being used by thousands of individual customers and stocked by various barber shops in the Netherlands, Germany and the US.

Through this journey, my fundamental vision hasn’t changed: Mr. Coté is about natural ingredients, memorable fragrances and sustainable packaging. And all this tailored to men with thinner hair. It’s often seen as a “problem”, but that’s because most products on the market are doing more harm than good. Thin hair requires that bit more care and attention. And we’re here to see that it gets it.

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~ Vincent Coté